Press Release: Mr. Fisher Tai Joins Bridge Point Capital as Managing Director

Manhattan, New York, New York, August 19th, 2019 – Bridge Point Capital today announced Fisher Tai as Managing Director of the New York-based private equity firm that focuses on U.S/China cross-border healthcare investments.

“All of us at Bridge Point Capital see an opportunity to have a positive influence on cross-border healthcare deal flows and investments, and are thrilled to have Fisher assist us in this exciting stage of our growth,” said Mark Young, co-founder of the firm, “Mr. Tai’s rich experience on international finance is in accordance with our company’s mission and vision.”

Mr. Tai is an expert in building the partnerships with Asia-based ultra-high-net-worth individuals and institutions and executing over $8 billion cross-border transactions with family offices as well as VC/PE firms from the Asia-Pacific region. He received his bachelor’s degrees in both statistics and economics from National Cheng Kung University (NCKU) in Taiwan, and his master’s degree in risk management from New York University (NYU).

Prior to joining Bridge Point Capital, Mr. Tai served as the Executive Director at Haitou Global, a leading global asset allocation platform, with a focus on managing fintech products, including consumer and property loan products in the US, Europe and Southeast Asia and alternative investments.

“I am honored to have the opportunity to join Bridge Point Capital and work with the exceptional management team and staff who are dedicated to creating business values through US-China cross-border deal flows. Success requires the right people, a strong focus on results and building long-term client relationships. I look forward to utilizing my skillsets and network to take our business to new heights,” said Fisher.

About us:

Bridge Point Capital is a private equity firm based in New York with a focus on U.S.-China cross-border investment. We invest in disruptive late-stage healthcare companies that can benefit from penetrating the vast yet unexplored Chinese healthcare market. We aim to leverage our expertise in both healthcare and capital markets to establish a sustainable investment platform for our investors.