Press Release: Bridge Point Capital was Invited to Speak at the “China Focus @ BWB 2019” Forum

Updated: Mar 23

Mark Young Is Speaking in the Event

Sep 10th, 2019. Mark Young, Co-Founder and Managing Partner of Bridge Point Capital, was invited to the “China Focus @ BWB 2019” forum during Boston Biotech Week. In this forum, Mark moderated the first speakers panel under the topic “Cross-border Partnership in a New Era of Globalization and Innovation”.

Famous pharmaceutical companies and investment firms including Fosun Pharma, Hengrui Medicine, Simcere Pharmaceutical, Harbin Pharmaceutical Group, CSPC Pharma, Luye Pharma, Qilu Pharma, Adlai Nortye, Zelluna Immunotherapy, and Massachusetts Center of Life Science, participated in the event. Each firm contributed their opinions about innovation, competition and development of pharmaceuticals under the current economic and regulation backdrop.

Mark Young moderated the first speaking panel focused on “Cross-border Partnership in a New Era of Globalization and Innovation”. In this section, Mark Young from BridgePoint Capital, Lei Gao From Harbin Pharmaceutical Group, Qingxi Wang from CSPC Pharma, Travis McCready from Massachusetts Center of Life Science, and Konstantin Poukalov from Perceptive Advisors discussed the opportunities and risks in the biopharma industry under the current US-China trade climate.

Qingxi Wang, CEO of CSPC Pharma, Is Speaking in the First Panel Speaking Section

On innovation, Mark Young mentioned that the ongoing trade war and the rapid developments in the biotechnology sector are pushing pharma companies to reform. We have seen many new start-ups challenging large pharma through innovative strategies or new technology. Technologies such as Car-T, CRISPER, gene therapy are revolutionizing the traditional therapy industry. As a result, large pharma companies should adjust their strategy accordingly to survive in a rapidly changing environment.

On cross border cooperation, Mark said that as the largest two economies, US and China are playing important roles in pushing biopharmaceutical forward. The trade war is bringing in survival pressure and creating new opportunities for the healthcare industry. Additionally, as recession indicators become more and more evident, people are turning towards healthcare as an industry that is seen as “recession proof”.

About us:

Bridge Point Capital is a private equity firm based in New York with a focus on U.S.-China cross-border investment. We invest in disruptive late-stage healthcare companies that can benefit from penetrating the vast yet unexplored Chinese healthcare market. We aim to leverage our expertise in both the healthcare and capital markets to establish a sustainable investment platform for our investors.