Mark Young Delivered Keynote Speech at the Raising Capital Conference

Updated: Mar 23, 2021

Manhattan, New York, New York, December 17th, 2019 – Mark Young, Co-founder of Bridge Point Capital, was invited to speak at the Raising Capital Conference hosted by The Entrepreneurship Society (TES) and he moderated the panel discussion on the topic of “Family Office Investments: Going Direct or Via Funds?”.

The Entrepreneurship Society (TES) was founded in 2012 with the mission of connecting top business executives (venture capital, banking, enterprise, auxiliary services, etc.) with others who could help move their business forward. They focus on quality, curated events for a variety of stakeholders in the tech ecosystem. With the goal of forming strategic partnerships and facilitating investments into emerging tech companies, the Raising Capital Conference presents a unique opportunity to interact with and hear pitches from credible, funded tech companies and investors. In the audience there are 50+ family offices, high-net-worth investors, vetted tech funded companies, tech executives, and venture funds.

Mark Young Presenting at the Conference

During the panel discussion, Mark Young summarized the pros and cons of direct investments, fund investments and exchanged opinions with other panelists. “Due to superiorities amongst fee structure, liquidity and many more, family offices tend to choose direct investments or co-investments rather than allocating their assets to funds in recent years. However, these kinds of investments largely depend on the identification and exploration of niche markets. Bridge Point Capital leverages its strategic network within the finance and healthcare market in both U.S. and China, always striving to locate lucrative niche markets within the healthcare space for our prestigious investors in order to achieve enhanced investment performance.”

Mark Young Discussing Pros and Cons of Direct Investing with Panelists

Bridge Point Capital also met with the management team of The Entrepreneurship Society after the conference to discuss future cooperation. “The vast investor network and high-quality dealflows that Bridge Point Capital owns is a perfect fit for TES. I am looking forward to collaborating with the team and hoping to build a platform where family offices, venture capital firms and start-ups can all benefit from it.” said Bill Hennessey, Founder & CEO of TES.

About us:

Bridge Point Capital is a private equity firm based in New York with a focus on U.S.-China cross-border investment. We invest in disruptive late-stage healthcare companies that can benefit from penetrating the vast, yet unexplored, Chinese healthcare market. We aim to leverage our expertise in both healthcare and capital markets to provide the best investment platform we possibly can for our investors.