Healthcare Industrial Parks in China IV – The National Science Park of Fudan University

When businesses are seeking to relocate to industrial parks, enterprises and especially those located overseas often struggle with evaluating and weighing the geographic advantages and preferential policies offered by different parks. Choosing the right place to relocate to is crucial for the enterprise to:

  • Obtain R&D capabilities

  • Source talents

  • Seek capital support

  • Identify resources

  • Leverage preferential economic policies

  • Expedite its overall commercialization process in China

Through contacting a multitude of industrial parks and carefully examining their resources, Bridge Point Capital gathered several candidates that are ideal for the relocation of domestic and overseas healthcare enterprises. In this issue, we will introduce you to the National Science Park of Fudan University located in Shanghai.

Overview of Shanghai

Shanghai Location Map

Shanghai is China’s financial capital, one of the four municipalities directly controlled by the central government. The city has a population of around 24.2 million and achieved a GDP of ~3.27 trillion RMB (~480 billion USD) in 2018, ranked #1 in China. With China's largest foreign trade port and industrial base, Shanghai is also the center of commerce and international shipping in the country.

Shanghai's biomedical industry reached 302.04 billion RMB (~43 billion USD) in 2018, an increase of 9.4% YOY. In the same year, the biomedical manufacturing industry realized a total industrial output value of RMB 117.66 billion RMB (~17 billion USD), an increase of 9.8% YOY, which makes it the fastest growing industry in the period. Gathered in the city are a multitude of prestigious multinational biomedical enterprises, including Roche, Bristol-Myers Squibb Pharmaceutical, Siemens Medical Devices, and Boehringer Ingelheim, etc.

National Science Park of Fudan University

National Science Park of Fudan University


Founded in 2000 by Fudan University, a top 3 university in China, the National Science Park of Fudan University is one of the first few national-level university science parks approved by the Ministry of Science and Technology and the Ministry of Education of China in May 2001. As a platform that focuses on the integration of the innovation capabilities of academic institutions and social resources, the park closely relies on the resources of Fudan University and insists on taking an enterprise-focused and market-oriented approach to promote the transformation of technological achievements, the incubation of high-tech enterprises, and the cultivation of innovative and entrepreneurial talents.

Introduction to Fudan Fenglin Biomedical Technology Park

Fudan Fenglin Biomedical Technology Park is a major constituent of the National Science Park of Fudan University that focuses on the incubation and industrialization of biomedical technology. Located in the Xuhui District of Shanghai, the park is adjacent to Shanghai’s sub-center Xujiahui and also an important part of the Xuhui Fenglin Life Science Park. Xuhui Fenglin area is where healthcare and biomedical R&D resources are the most concentrated in Shanghai. The area gathers the medical schools of Fudan University and Shanghai Jiao Tong University (top 3 & 4 universities in China), 9 top-tier hospitals, and 90 health institutions. Fudan Fenglin Biomedical Technology Park takes full advantage of the rich resources of Fudan University and the Fenglin area to offer a full range of support including:

  • Technology transformation

  • Scientific communication

  • Achievements exhibition

  • Business and commerce

  • Consulting services

  • Talent training.

It is committed to creating a national-level professional incubator specialized in the biomedical industry.

National Science Park of Fudan University

Selected Policy Rewards

Below is a sample listing of key economic and financial resources made available to selected participants:

Enterprises are eligible for benefiting from various rewards including:

  • Discounted rent

  • Subsidies for product development and technology upgrades

  • Special contribution awards, etc., which are tailored to the various needs of different enterprises to realize rapid establishment and development

  • Besides rewards offered by the park, landed enterprise will also be eligible for receiving separate economic rewards at the district, municipal and national levels

  • Offer complete sets of infrastructures for enterprise operation, R&D, incubation, etc

  • Offer unique financing channels and facilitate with applying national-level innovation and incubation funds



A total area of at least 200,000 m2 covering incubation, R & D, and industrial functions has been built in the National Science Park of Fudan University


  • Founded by a university and surrounded by biomedical institutions, the environment promotes resource sharing and scientific communications inside and outside the park

  • Extensive university resources and government cooperation gives access to the latest updates on regulatory policies, enabling efficient supports for various regulatory and legislative applications

  • Services for Technology and Corporate Development

  • Technological service platform that offers R&D and industry resources, such as the sharing of talents and equipment and technical consulting services, for facilitating project implementation and promoting technical breakthrough

  • Operational service platforms that offer legal, tax, financing and event planning services to address the diverse needs of developing enterprises