Bridge Point Capital was Invited to the 19th Harvard Annual Healthcare Alumni Association Conference

Updated: Mar 23, 2021

Nadia Tian and Mark Young, founding partners of Bridge Point Capital, attended the 19th Harvard Annual Healthcare Alumni Association Conference, one of Harvard Business’ School premier event celebrating advancements and new innovation from some of Harvard’s top alumni.

The Healthcare Alumni Association was founded in November 1999 to help bring together those who work in every part of the healthcare industry and in every part of the world.

This idea was initiated by Bunny Ellerin, MBA 1995 and is the first industry-specific alumni association formed at Harvard Business School. Ms. Ellerin believed that since HBS clubs bring graduates who live near each other in contact, the HBSHAA would bring together the healthcare industry alumni to meet and maintain contact more easily.

Mark Young, a Harvard Business School Graduate of ‘93, was ecstatic to be back at his alma mater. Mark is an active member of the Harvard Business alumni association, connecting regularly with other alumni both personally and professionally. Mark also has an extensive background in healthcare as a former founder of a publicly listed biotech company called NAME.

This conference was of particular importance to Bridge Point Capital because of our specific focus on the healthcare industry.

Key Takeaways

This year’s focus at the conference was on new models for drug pricing, the acceleration of the healthcare ecosystem through technology, the entrance of new tech titans into the healthcare space, and the impact AI may (or may not) have on the industry.

Former Executive Chairman of Celgene, Bob Hugin, keynoted the event, discussing his platform for healthcare reform as the US Senate candidate of New Jersey. While he was unsuccessful in defeating incumbent Bob Menendez, his address at the conference was inspiring. His focus on keeping key parts of the Affordable Care Act and proposals on reducing copayments is a viewpoint shared by both party lines.

Bridge Point Capital believes strongly in the future of cross-border investment between China and US healthcare opportunities. Currently, both the US and China are putting a considerable amount of capital and institutional focus on solving impending healthcare problems caused by the aging population, pollution, poverty and overpopulation.

About us:

Bridge Point Capital is a private equity firm based in New York with a focus on U.S.-China cross-border investment. We invest in disruptive late-stage healthcare companies that can benefit from penetrating the vast yet unexplored Chinese healthcare market. We aim to leverage our expertise in both healthcare and capital markets to establish a sustainable investment platform for our investors.