Bridge Point Capital Established Strategic Partnership with Columbia Care

Bridge Point Capital announced on May 14th, 2019 a strategic partnership with Columbia Care, LLC, one of the nation’s leading medical cannabis companies. Bridge Point Capital’s expertise in the healthcare financing and delivery ecosystem will help Columbia Care continue to build its distinct brand equity and expand on the success of its recent IPO.

Columbia Care is a patient-centered health and wellness company that works in collaboration with some of the most renowned and innovative teaching hospitals and medical centers in the world. Last week it announced the launch of its new initiative, “100,000,000 Ways to Break the Opioid Crisis,” a nationwide effort to test whether precisely-formulated medical cannabis can be a safe and effective alternative to opioids for pain.

Nicholas Vita, CEO of Columbia Care, expressed his trust for Bridge Point Capital’s health care expertise especially as it relates to obtaining reimbursement for innovative and efficacious health care products and services. He added that Columbia Care is “extremely excited to work together with Bridge Point Capital” to “provides benefits to populations newly enfranchised by state and local legislation establishing and expanding the use of medical cannabis.”

About us:

Bridge Point Capital is a private equity firm based in New York with a focus on U.S.-China cross-border investment. We invest in disruptive late-stage healthcare companies that can benefit from penetrating the vast yet unexplored Chinese healthcare market. We aim to leverage our expertise in both healthcare and capital markets to establish a sustainable investment platform for our investors.