BPC Seved on the Panel of Judges at the 2021 International Eye Health Innovation & Development Forum

The 2021 International Eye Health Innovation and Development Forum & Global Challenge Competition was successfully held in Eye Valley, Wenzhou, China from November 11th to 12th. Bridge Point Capital served on the panel of judges to appraise and elect the best deals out of the 19 prominent start-ups in the ophthalmology/optometry space.

China Eye Valley aims to build and develop an ocular-health ecosystem. China Eye Valley, as a new eye health research and development institution and industrial platform jointly built by Wenzhou Longwan District People's Government and Wenzhou Medical University Eye Hospital, is currently the only eye health industry innovation complex in China. The Wenzhou government is leading the development of the area and is building Eye Valley into a new landmark in the national and even global eye health industry with the global elite, makers, scientific research leaders, and investment institutions in the field of ophthalmology and optometry.

Since the first competition was launched in 2019, the Global Challenge Competition has been successfully held twice, attracting more than 300 high-level innovation and entrepreneurship teams from home and abroad. With the help of a superior industrial environment, rich supporting policies, active market capital and other factors, China Eye Valley has successfully introduced a number of sophisticated projects to settle down and take root.

The industry-academia-research event attracted 20+ guests from the government, 4 Academicians, more than 20 media organizations, more than 30 domestic first-line investment institutions, and more than 100 enterprise representatives, as well as many other online and offline participants.

Leading overseas ophthalmology/optometry companies also participated this event through online streaming, including Novartis, Alcon, Essilor, Bausch & Lomb, and Johnson & Johnson. Meanwhile, Bausch & Lomb’s ocular innovation research center, Essilor’s China Eye Valley ocular-health research center, and J & J’s APAC Eye Valley Demonstration Center have officially landed in China Eye Valley. Many of China’s most well-known financial institutions have also attended this summit, including Fosun Capital, Legend Capital, Fortune Capital etc., providing a platform that links companies to the top-level institutional investors.

“We’re truly honored to be invited to this event and serve on the panel of judges. The partnership between BPC and Eye Valley also gives us the opportunity to introduce more front-edge healthcare companies into the Asia and connect to top-class domestic resources such as incubators and clinical research organizations. Bridge Point Capital always aims to bring advanced and revolutionary technologies into the Asian market, and China Eye Valley is a perfect match since it possesses industry-leading resources and connections in China," said Yan Meng, Chief Science Officer of Bridge Point Capital.