BPC Is Leading the Charge with Evoke Motorcycles' International Expansion & Partnerships

Updated: Oct 15, 2021

The electric vehicle industry is experiencing catalyzed growth with the urgent need to reduce carbon emissions. As the demand for private transportation strengthens and global climate conditions worsen, electric vehicles will lead the transformation of commuting as we know it.

Bridge Point Capital (BPC) understands the value in vehicle electrification and sustainability, which is why we are Evoke Motorcycles’ lead financial advisor. Established in 2018, Evoke Motorcycles designs, manufactures, and leads development in smart mobility in over 18 countries. Also known as the “Two-Wheel Tesla” thanks to its fast charging, long ranges, and affordable prices, Evoke is already a leader within the electric motorcycle industry, an industry growing by 13.39% CAGR.

Working as an experienced financial advisor and investor, BPC is providing Evoke with the mentoring and guidance over global expansion and partnerships that it needs to become a successful venture that drives innovation. BPC is laying the groundwork to help Evoke find institutional investors and trade finance firms to raise capital and keep up with its growing demand. This capital will be used to continue development of multiple product lines for commuters, track enthusiasts, and ridesharing firms showing Evoke and BPC’s dedication to the electrifying future of motorcycles.

Additionally, the capital will be used to build out sales channels and drive expansion into US, Europe, and other international markets. With a lean, bootstrapping business mentality, Evoke has been able to drive growth in over 18 countries. Evoke is already the #2 largest firm in the industry and they aspire to become the industry leader in the years to come.

For further information please contact:

Rohan Jangala

Bridge Point Capital

Investment Analyst

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