BPC Advisor Dr. Makarand Jawadekar Delivered Keynote Speech at Pfizer’s Virtual Summit on March 11th

Updated: Mar 31, 2021

Innovation doesn’t come easy, it requires deep work. Innovation comes with a price, it comes with some failures, but those teach us things, which results in great outcomes.

- Dr. Makarand Jawadekar

On March 11, Dr. Makarand Jawadekar, Strategic Advisor of Bridge Point Capital, prepared a high-profile presentation with the assistance from BPC and Columbia University BioTechnology Masters’ Program team members for one of the most anticipated Pfizer internal events – Pfizer’s Virtual Summit, on the topic of “Together Toward Tomorrow”.

Dr. Jawadekar presented a keynote at the Legal Division Virtual Event (LDVE) on “Addressing Challenges in Pharmaceutical Innovation”. There were approximately 450 executives in attendance from around the globe, and the talks were recorded and available for those global participants where timing fell beyond normal working hours. Notable attendees included Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla, CFO Frank D’Amelio, General Counsel Doug Lankler, VP and Chief Scientific Officer Dr. Phil Dormitzer, VP of Supply Chain Vaccines Tanya Alcorn, VP Pfizer Digital Innovation Lab, and VP Commercial Scaled Analytics Anuj Maheshwari.

Dr. Jawadekar’s presentation touched on a handful of key topics within broader biopharma, including the stages of clinical studies (from discovery to commercialization), strategies for product life cycle management, the importance of IP protection, and the transformation of the industry over the past few decades. There was also a large focus on the recently approved COVID-19 vaccines and their implications for future innovation in the biopharma industry.

Dr. Makarand Jawadekar began his professional career in Pfizer Central Research in early 1982 and has been a part of Pfizer Inc for 28 consecutive years. His most recent position was as a Director of Portfolio Management. As a bench scientist, he touched upon R&D formulations and Product development programs such as Zoloft, Zithromax, Viagra faster onset, Exubera and other commercial formulations that went on to become multibillion dollar products for many years at Pfizer Inc.

Dr. Jawadekar is currently an independent Pharma Professional. He has extensive experience in creating and cultivating external partnerships and alliances for drug delivery technologies. He currently holds positions in Advisory Boards and Board of Directors for various pharmaceutical and biotech companies. Dr. Jawadekar has outstanding skills and extensive networks in major developing countries. He also serves as an advisor to Bridge Point Capital. Having such an experienced professional and key opinion leader as one of our strategic advisors is indeed a tremendous benefit to the firm.

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Authors: Jing Zhang, Michelle Tao, Tejaswi Varalwar @Columbia University