Beyond the Pandemic, the mRNA Synthesis and Manufacturing Services Market Will Grow Exponentially

Significant technological advancements and research investments in mRNA technologies have allowed mRNA to evolve as a promising therapeutic agent for vaccine development and protein replacement therapy over the last decade. Because of their advantages over traditional vaccinations and prospective uses, mRNA vaccines are expected to change how we respond to rising infectious disease outbreaks.

As a result, numerous pharmaceutical sector stakeholders are investigating this technique for rabies, influenza, Zika, HIV, cancer, and veterinary applications. The current Covid-19 epidemic has brought even more attention to the possibility of mRNA vaccines, which were the first technology to be licensed as a preventive therapy against Coronavirus in the US and Europe.

The worldwide mRNA synthesis and manufacturing services market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 14.8 percent (2021-2030) from US$ 2,723.5 million in 2020 to US$ 11,395.4 million in 2030 (

As points out, mRNA is tested at various stages of clinical trials to determine its use in the prevention of infections and the treatment of chronic diseases. For example, Moderna is working with Merck on a study to test the effectiveness of its mRNA personalized cancer vaccine (PCV) mRNA4157 combined with Merck’s immunotherapy drug Keytruda in the treatment of patients with colon cancer and head and neck cancer. Therefore, the current development in the field of mRNA vaccines can release its potential to support the future market for mRNA synthesis and manufacturing services.

Higher efficacy, ability for low-cost production, progressed immunogenicity of mRNA vaccines as compared to standard vaccines, and non-stop innovation and development in mRNA synthesis and production offerings are a number of the important thing elements that need to help the increase of mRNA synthesis and production offerings marketplace.

In addition, the increase in chronic and infectious diseases, the increasing demand for gene therapy, the increase in the number of clinical trials for cancer therapies and infectious diseases, and the new innovations of pharmaceutical companies should support the growth of the mRNA synthesis and manufacturing services market. However, maintaining high purity and stability of mRNA products is a major challenge for manufacturers.

Geographically, the North America region is the main source of revenue for this market due to the growing awareness of mRNA and vaccine therapies, increased public investment in research and development of gene therapy for the treatment of various diseases. In addition, the Asia-Pacific market is expected to grow, on average, the fastest, driven by the rising incidence of chronic and communicable diseases and developing countries.

Some of the key players operating in the mRNA synthesis and manufacturing services market are TriLink BioTechnologies, Aldevron, Eurogentec, eTheRNA (Etherna Immunotherapies), biosynthesis, Thermo Fisher Scientific, Biomay, Jena Biosciences, APExBIO, New England Biolabs, CELLSCRIPT, CureVac, Moderna, BioNTech (Pfizer), Translate Bio, Ethris (AstraZeneca), Kernal Biologics, eFFECTOR Therapeutics, Inc., Silence Therapeutics, In-Cell-Art, Anima Biotch, H3 Biomedicine Inc., Arcturus Therapeutics, Ionis Pharmaceuticals, Inc., Tiba Biotechnology, miRagen Therapeutics, Inc., Stemirna Therapeutics Co., Ltd., Strand Therapeutics Inc., Ziphius Therapeutics NV, Skyhawk Therapeutics, Inc, RNAimmune (Sirnaomics), and other Prominent Players.