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Harry Edelson | Chairman of Advisory Board

Many have considered Mr. Harry Edelson a legend in both the technology and finance industries, and the dean of venture capitalists on the East Coast. 

Harry was named an All Star Security Analyst by Institutional Investor magazine and was the most quoted analyst on Wall Street for a decade.

After leaving Wall Street, Harry was entrusted by the CEOs of ten of the world’s largest multinational corporations (AT&T, Viacom, 3M, Ford Motor, etc.) with corporate money to manage a series of four strategic venture capital funds. 

Venture capital performance over a 20-year span was rated number one of all venture capital firms in the Eastern United States by two of the four leading auditing firms.

The annual return (IRR) for his funds averaged 27%, even through the disastrous stock market decline of 2000-2002.