Commercialize Western Tech in Asian Markets

Bridge Point Solutions

Bridge Point Capital is a growth-focused cross-border private equity and strategic advisory firm with a unique expertise in monetizing and marketing disruptive healthcare technology. We are able to assist western companies access the Asia market as well as help Asian firms develop business opportunities in the U.S..

Cross-border Market Entry

U.S/Asia market penetration

  • Joint Ventures

  • Licensing deals

  • Subsidiaries

Strategic Alliances & Planning

Mergers and Acquisitions

Value Chain improvement

Innovative Financing Strategy

Customized financing methods

Special Purpose
Acquisition Company

Traditional & non-
traditional exit strategies

Product development

Implement best practices

Monetization of technology

Innovative market strategies

Working capital optimization

Health-Tech Commercialization

Work directly with private insurers

Target self-insured employer
groups and Taft-Hartley funds

Non-traditional, alternative reimbursement strategies

Third Party Reimbursement

Assist with licensing pharma deals

Expedite process to aid licensing approval

Sourcing profitable In-licensing opportunities



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