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Market Opportunity in Asia

Our partners and advisors average over two decades of direct experience investing and operating in Asia. We aim to leverage our expertise in cross-border investing, deal-structuring and operational execution to help our portfolio companies penetrate Asian markets.

Rapidly Aging Asian Population

The number of elderly people in the Asia-Pacific region is rising at an unprecedented rate and it is at the forefront of the global phenomenon of population ageing. By 2050, one in four people in the Asia Pacific region will be over 60 years old. The population of elderly persons (aged 60+) in the region will triple between 2010 and 2050, reaching close to 1.3 billion people

Source: UNFPA Asia and the Pacific

Drastic Rise of Non-communicable Diseases (NCDs)


Noncommunicable diseases are responsible for 80% of all deaths in the Asia Pacific Region. This is likely due to key factors such as the high proportion of daily smokers and increasingly unhealthy dietary habits

Source: World Health Organization

Healthcare Spending Growth Trend (in Trillions)

2017 Actual

By 2026

Healthcare spending in the Asian Pacific region is growing steadily - the overall healthcare spending is projected to surge from 2017's $1.7 trillion to $2.3 trillion by 2026, driven by rising income, increasing health awareness, lifestyle diseases and better access to insurance

Source: L.E.K. Consulting

Why Invest in Cross-border Healthcare Now?

Leveraging our cross-border expertise, vast network of strategic industry contacts, and deep knowledge of the healthcare industry, we intend to achieve compelling risk-adjusted returns for our investors. The fund has identified a handful of attractive sub-sectors that we believe are best-positioned to capture the rapid growth and transformation of both the Asia and U.S. healthcare markets.

Asian governments initiate to increase health awareness, diagnostics and preventive care. For example, Ayushman Bharat, the largest government-funded healthcare program in the world, is helping India to improve infrastructure, insurance, telemedicine and many other areas

Government Support

The Asia Pacific region is experiencing strong growth in demand for advanced medical devices. Its overall medical device market was valued at $4.9 billion in 2019 and is estimated to show 7.5% CAGR from 2020 to 2026, surpassing Europe to becoming the second largest market in the globe

Sector Growth

Due to underlying economic trends and the immediate public health crisis of COVID-19, the U.S. economy is rapidly falling into recession. Healthcare has consistently outperformed in late stages, as healthcare related revenues are more insulated from economic underperformance

Economic Cycle


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