Co-investment Platform with Reduced Risk and Unmatched Liquidity

Focus and Guidelines

We are well-positioned to achieve venture returns with reduced risk and higher liquidity by investing in late-stage venture-backed healthcare companies while also capitalizing on China’s robust healthcare demand for the U.S’s advanced technology to strategically create value for our portfolio companies. Our structure gives our investors the option to participate at their sole discretion in each fully underwritten deal led by a prestigious Venture Capital firm, providing unmatched flexibility and transparency

Profitability & Cash Flow

EBITDA > US$ 2 million



Capital raised should fund operations for at least 3 years

Geographic Focus




Global investments with a focus on product/service commercialization in China

Target Company Size



Revenue > US$20 million



Annual top line growth of > 40%

Subsector Focus

Diagnostics & Tools
Medical Devices & Supplies
Health Services
Health Technology
Support Services

Active Involvement in Deal Lifecycle

Comprehensive and detail-oriented value-creation strategy ensures our participation in the full private equity investment process - from deal-sourcing to exit strategy

Abundant connections and resources in the United States healthcare and finance industries strongly support investment deal-sourcing

Deal Sourcing

Value Creation

Deep experience in cross-border commercialization and operational management help to create value for portfolio companies

Vast network of medical and financial institutions will provide a multi-faceted exit strategy ranging from traditional IPO to strategic sales

Exit Strategy


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